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BEHRINGER MINIFEX FEX800 Ultra-Compact Stereo Multi-FX Processor
ID: 12904

If you need a dose of digital magic to put that perfect fi nishing touch on your live or studio sound, tap into the incredible MINIFEX FEX800. So easy-to-use - the FEX800 can turn virtually anyone into a digital FX... more
TC HELICON PERFORM V Vocal Effects Processor
ID: 11965

If you`re serious about singing, you`ll find that sounding your best is about more than talent or vocal technique. It`s about taking what is unique about your voice and using the right tools to make it stand out - whether... more
YAMAHA REV100 Digital Reverberation Unit w/ Multi Effects
ID: 13409


Reverb is the essential effect for musical instruments, recording, and live sound. Delay and modulation run a close second and third. In fact, the quality of the effects you use has a major influence on the overall quality of... more