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Alpine DRUM-MUFFY Earmuffs for Drummers
ID: 12674

The light weight Alpine Muffy Music muffles 25 dB of the sound created when playing drums. With this level of attenuation your ears are well protected and you can comfortably playing your favourite instrument drums. The earmuffs are ideal... more
Dixon PP-9290D Double Bass Pedal
ID: 13310

Driven System
Double Chain CAM Driven System

Hoop Clamp Adjust
Easy-Access Adjust

Beater Angle Adjust
Drum Key Adjust

Beater Faces
Dual Faces

Stabilizer Platform with Built-In Spurs

Dual Surface Beater. Easy Access Bass Drum Hoop Clamp. Double Chain CAM Drive System. Beater Angle Adjustment. Aluminum Center... more
Dixon PSH-9270 Hi Hat Stand Light Double Braced
ID: 12212

Direct Pull System
Alignment Tube Inserts
Cast Tripod Collar
Double-Braced Design
Hinged Height Adjustments ... more
Dixon PSH-9290 Heavy Double-Braced Hi-Hat Stand
ID: 13312

Driven System
Direct Pull Driven System

Rotatable Cast Base for Pedal Positioning

Tension Adjust
Fine Tune Tension Adjust

Key Bolt Memory Lock
Key Bolt Memory Lock on the Tube

Leg Specification
Double Braced Leg
16 mm width
4 mm thickness

Tube Specification
Lower Tube: 1 1/8", 370 mm length
Upper Tube:... more
Dixon PSS-9270 Snare Stand Light Double Braced
ID: 12213

Easy Adjust Tilter

Leg Specification
Double Braced Leg
13.5 mm width
3.3 mm thickness

Tube Specification
Lower Tube: 3/4", 190 mm length
Upper Tube: 5/8", 260 mm length
... more
Dixon PSY 9290I Cymbal Stand
ID: 9789

Cymbal Boom Hide-Away Arm
Tilter 8mm Extended Geared Tilter
Key Bolt Memory Lock Key Bolt Memory Lock on the Lower and Upper Tube
Leg Specification Double Braced Leg
16 mm width
4 mm thickness
Tube Specification Lower Tube: 1 1/8", 480 cm length
Mid Tube: 1", 480 cm length
Upper Tube: 7/8", 440 cm... more
Dixon PSY-9260I Cymbal Boom Stand Single Braced
ID: 12202

Double Chrome Plated
8mm Gear Tilter
Hinged Height Adjustments w/Alignment Tube Inserts
Cast Tripod Collar
Double-Braced Design w/Hideaway Boom Arm.

... more
Dixon PSY-9270 Straight Cymbal Stand, Light Double-Braced
ID: 13341

The Dixon PSY-9270 Light Double-Braced Straight Cymbal Stand features double chrome plated, 8mm gear tilter, hinged height adjustments with alignment tube inserts, cast tripod collar. ... more
Dixon PSY-9270I Cymbal Boom Stand Light Double Braced
ID: 12211

Double Chrome Plated
8mm Gear Tilter
Hinged Height Adjustments w/Alignment Tube Inserts
Cast Tripod Collar
Double-Braced Design w/Hideaway Boom Arm. ... more
Drum Workshop DW-5002AD4 Accelerator Double Bass Drum Pedal w/ Nylon Carry Case
ID: 12791

With the introduction of the Drum Workshop 5002 AD4 Double Bass Drum Pedal, an industry standard gets even better. DW has re engineered the 5002 AD4 pedal that established their reputation for innovation and quality. The 5002 AD4 double... more
Gibraltar 5706 Medium Weight Double Braced Snare Stand
ID: 13210

These stands from Gibraltar utilize all professional features in a low-mass double-braced stand. Double braced tripod with cast height assembly and Gibraltar`s exclusive round rubber feet provide stability without a large profile.

Fine geared snare basket adjustment
All Cast hinged... more
Groove Juice GJCC Cymbal & Hardware Cleaner 8 Oz
ID: 13211

Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner is the original spray on rinse off cymbal cleaner an easy to use no mess cymbal cleaner. Simply spray the product on the cymbal surface and wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel along the... more
Latin Percussion LP1510 Mountable Cajon Hi Hat Cymbals
ID: 12920

LP`s Cajon Hats introduce the familiar hi-hat sound in the form of a compact, portable cajon add-on. This versatile, one of a kind, patent pending, first to market cajon accessory allows players to more fully express themselves sonically. By... more
Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Gig Drum Tuner
ID: 12669

The tune-bot gig features an all new design with an improved display combined with a single button layout for ease of use. Now one button allows you to toggle through the modes while matching lug pitch or tuning to a... more
Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Studio Drum Tuner
ID: 13681

The Tune-Bot Studio has all the ground-breaking features of the original tune-bot plus many more. The new model offers more reliable readings, a higher frequency range (better for tuning snare drums), a four colour display and streamlined keypad, and improved... more
Pearl BC-830 Double Braced Cymbal Boom Stand
ID: 11639

The Pearl BC830 Double Braced Cymbal Stand with Uni-Lock Tilter has 3 sections and double-braced legs. The BC830 also features positive-locking gear tilters for slip-proof cymbal positioning.

Cymbal Tilter
Uni-Lock Tilter

Pipe Joint
Nylon Bushing Joint

Double Braced Legs

1 1/8", 7/8", 5/8"... more
Pearl BC-930 Cymbal Boom Stand
ID: 9783

The BC-930 is a member of the MIPA award-winning 900 Series Hardware family, and features a Uni-Lock Tilter for infinitely adjustable cymbal positioning. It`s telescopic knurled cymbal arm allows for an incredible amount of positioning possibilities. The cymbal arm... more
Pearl C-930 Cymbal Stand
ID: 12428

The C-930 is a member of the MIPA award-winning 930 series hardware. This straight cymbal stand features a Uni-Lock cymbal tilter for infinite positioning possibilities, and double braced legs for a sure and steady base.

Cymbal Tilter
Plastic Wing Nut
Plastic Cymbal Cup
... more
Pearl H-930 Hi Hat Stand with Demon Style Long Footboard
ID: 11640


Pearl`s H-930 Hi-Hat Stand is a solid mid-level pedal fit for a professional setup. The pedal features a Demon-style long footboard to match any Demon series kick pedals in your hardware outfit. Additionally, the H-930 features a Trident Design... more
Pearl H-930 Hi Hat Stand
ID: 9785

The H-930 features a Demon Style Long Footboard, Trident Design Tripod with Swivel Function, and Spring Tension Dial.
Drive Chain Drive
Clutch Standard Clutch
Leg Tips Rubber ... more
Pearl P-830 single-chain drive pedal
ID: 9779

The P-830 is a single-chain drive pedal, equipped with a Demon Style long-footboard and infinitely adjustable beater angle allowing you to customize the pedal to your preferred feel and power. Pearl`s Perfect Circle Cam and DuoBeat Beater give the finishing... more
Pearl P-922 Double Bass Drum Pedal
ID: 14000

The Pearl P-922 Double Bass Drum Pedal is a versatile kick drum pedal from Pearl, featuring a single drive mechanism with a floor plate and single chain drive. A textured foot plate allows for enhanced grip, providing consistent and reliable... more
Pearl S-930 Snare Stand
ID: 9782

New streamlined pipe joints now include Pearl`s new `clam shell` style collars on the 930 series. The base of each stand has received an upgrade with the addition of the new double braced Trident Design Tripod which prohibits damage to... more
Pearl SPT-4SPK Spin-Tight Tension Rods (4 pak)
ID: 13904

The Spin Tight tension rod allows you to quickly lock your tension rocks into place, and never have to worry about them coming loose during high impact playing. Snare rims can take plenty of punishment without a loss of tuning... more
Sabian QTM14 Quiet Tone Practise Pad
ID: 13790


Special sound absorbing mesh reduces volume by up to 90% so you can practice quietly.

Real drumhead delivers real drum feel for authentic sticking and brushwork.

Triple-flanged metal hoop is ideal for rim shots and cross-sticking, just like... more
Tama HT130 Double Braced Throne
ID: 13949

13" Diameter, 90mm (3 1/2") Thick Round Seat
Double Braced Legs
Adjustable height range: 445mm - 620mm (17 1/2" to 24 7/16") ... more
Westbury CSB600D Double Braced 12" Boom Cymbal Stand
ID: 4288

Westbury 12 boom stand, double braced medium weight.This brand new item is in stock and will normally ship within 1 business day.We are an authorized dealer and it is covered by the manufacturer`s warranty and a 30 day return policy.(10% restocking... more
Westbury HH500D Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand
ID: 4295

Westbury hi-hat stand, double braced. ... more
Westbury DT1000 Wide Rider Throne
ID: 12714

This throne features a soft-cushion bicycle-style seat mounted on a swivel adjustment shaft. The double braced legs and a threaded memory lock provide added stability. ... more
Westbury DT500 Drum Throne
ID: 13372

Single braced drum throne. Ideal for the young beginner! ... more
Westbury HH800D Deluxe Double Braced Hi Hat Stand
ID: 11454

Westbury Deluxe Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand ... more