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BOSS KATANA-50 Guitar Amplifier
ID: 13019

Crafted Tones, Forged for Rock

Katana-the traditional sword carried by the historic samurai of Japan-is a symbol of honor, precision, and artistry in Japanese culture. Adopting the majestic sword`s name with pride, the Katana series presents guitar amplifiers with smooth, cutting... more
Bugera 1990 INFINIUM "British Bite: 120-Watt Tube Amplifier Head
ID: 13463

-Hand-built 120-Watt hi-gain amplifier driven by 4 x 5881 tubes (now fully compatible with 6L6 and EL34, etc.)

-Classic split channel preamp design (Clean, Lead) featuring 3 x ECC83 tubes for 90`s metal rock tone

-Integrated high-class reverb with dedicated Reverb... more
Bugera V22 INFINIUM 22-Watt Vintage 2-Channel Tube Combo with INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier
ID: 12807

Hand-built 22-Watt guitar combo driven by 2 x EL84 Tubes

Revolutionary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology:
- Extends the life of your amplifier`s expensive power tubes up to 20 times
- Provides incredible reliability and consistent tone over the complete lifespan... more
Bugera V55 INFINIUM 55-Watt Vintage 2-Channel Tube Combo with INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier
ID: 13056

*Hand-built 55-Watt guitar combo driven by 2 x 6L6 tubes

*Revolutionary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology:
- Extends the life of your amplifier`s expensive power tubes up to 20 times
- Provides incredible reliability and consistent tone over the complete lifespan... more
DV Mark Galileo 15 All-tube 15-Watt Head w/bag
ID: 10619

The Galileo 15 is a one-channel, 15W all-tube head.

Compared to the other DV Mark heads, Galileo`s controls are simple. But this is not an entry-level product! It boasts the same cutting-edge technology, build quality and premium components as the... more
Fender "The Twin" 2x12" All-tube Guitar Amplifier
ID: 13141


-Knobs: Red

-Faceplate Front:
*Ch 1 In, Ch 1 In - Ch 2 In, Ch 2 In

-Gain Channel
*Reverb Select Sw
*Hi-Lo Power Sw
*Standby Sw
*Power Sw
*Pilot Lamp

-Faceplate Rear: Fuse (4A), Effect... more
Fender **NEW** Mustang GT 100 Digital Amplifier
ID: 13403

How can a modern legend like the Mustang digital amplifiers be improved? Simple-we do it again, bigger and better with the 100-watt Mustang GT 100. We take seven decades` worth of experience crafting inspirational tools and use it to... more
Fender **NEW** Mustang GT 40 Digital Amplifier
ID: 13494

Perfect For Tabletop Or Recording Desk

How can a modern legend like the Mustang digital amplifiers be improved? Simple-we do it again, bigger and better with the Mustang GT 40. We take seven decades` worth of experience crafting inspirational tools... more
Fender 2-Button 3-Function Footswitch: Channel-Gain-More Gain
ID: 13329

Model : 0994062000

-Features 1/4" plug and 12` cable
-Used for Hot Rod Deluxe™, Hot Rod DeVille™, Deluxe™ 90, Stage™ 160, Stage 100, Stage 100 Head, FM 212R and FM 100 Head amplifiers

... more
Fender 2-Button Footswitch: Channel Select-Effects On-Off
ID: 13326

Model : 0071359000

-Features 1/4" plug and 12` cable
-Used for FM 65 DSP, Super Champ™ XD, Champion™ 40 and Champion 100 amplifiers

... more
Fender 2-Button Footswitch: Channel-Chorus
ID: 13327

Model : 0994057000


-Features 1/4` plug and 12` cable
-Used for Princeton® Chorus, Ultimate Stereo Chorus, Automatic GT, Automatic SE and M80 Chorus amplifiers

... more
Fender 2-Button Vintage-Style Footswitch: Vibrato-Reverb (1/4" Jack)
ID: 13328

Model : 0994058000

-Features 1/4" plug and 12` cable
-Used for `65 Twin Reverb®, `65 Twin Custom™ 15, `65 Super Reverb, `65 Deluxe Reverb®, `64 Vibroverb™ Custom, `63 Vibroverb, Custom Vibrolux® Reverb, Vibrasonic, Gretsch® G6163 Executive™ and Gretsch G6164... more
Fender 3-Button Footswitch: Channel-Reverb-Boost
ID: 13333


Model 0028146000

-does not come with any accessories ... more
Fender Bassbreaker 15 Head *DEMO* reg. $799.99
ID: 12359

Supercharged with a plethora of flexible features, the Bassbreaker 15 is a top-notch performer for stage or studio. This chameleon-like amp creates its magic with a trio of 12AX7 preamp tubes feeding into two EL84 power tubes for 15 watts... more
Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 Combo *DEMO* reg. $1149.99
ID: 12065

Bassbreaker series guitar amplifiers continue Fender`s storied lineage with a kind of `parallel evolution` that breaks away from tradition with dark gray lacquered tweed covering, refined pointer knobs and unique circuitry as well as power tubes and speakers hinting at the... more
Fender Bassbreaker 45 Combo *DEMO* reg. $1349.99
ID: 12066

The late-`50s tweed-covered Fender Bassman is often called `the grandfather of all amps.` It is beloved by guitarists worldwide for its simplicity, versatility, dynamic range, warm tube overdrive, stage-filling power and rugged roadworthiness.

Bassbreaker series guitar amplifiers continue Fender`s storied lineage with... more
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue in Lacquered Tweed
ID: 13295

Fender Sound and Style

A must-have for gigging guitarists worldwide and the ideal 1x12` amp for crafting your own signature sound. Pro rock, country and blues players guitarists everywhere prize no-frills amps for their great volume, reliability, responsiveness to effects pedals,... more
Fender Blues Junior III All-tube Guitar Amplifier
ID: 12208


The world`s most popular tube amps just got better! Fender® Hot Rod series amplifiers are found on every stage in the world, large and small, and are used by guitarists from all walks of life. Hot Rod amps deliver... more
Fender Champion 100 Guitar Amplifier
ID: 11792

Simple to use and versatile enough for any style of guitar playing, there`s a Champion amp that`s right for you whether you`re looking for your first practice amp or affordable stage gear. The 100-watt, dual-channel Champion 100 features two 12"... more
Fender Champion 40 Guitar Amplifier
ID: 10700

Simple to use and versatile enough for any style of guitar playing, there`s a Champion amp that`s right for you whether you`re looking for your first practice amp or affordable stage gear. The 40-watt Champion 40 features a single 12`... more
Fender Frontman 10G Guitar Amplifier
ID: 12206

Frontman® amps deliver quality tone at a great price, with custom-voiced built-in overdrive for great tone and the unmistakable Fender® Blackface™ look. The 10-watt Frontman 10G features a 6` Special Design speaker and a adjustable gain control that rocks guitar... more
Fender Frontman 212R 100-Watt Guitar Amplifier
ID: 13383


The Fender Frontman 212R Guitar Combo Amp is a solid-state combo amp worthy of the Fender nameplate. The Frontman 212R pumps a big 100W into two Fender Special Design 12" drivers. The versatile Drive/More Drive channel has a mid... more
Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 60-Watt All-Tube Guitar Amplifier
ID: 13389


The Fender Hot Rod 212 delivers world–class Fender tone and world-standard Fender quality.

-60 watts output into 2ohm or 4ohm

-All tube preamp and power amp provide harmonically rich distortion and touch-sensitive dynamics

-Three selectable channels offer a sonic arsenal from sparkling... more
Fender Mustang V Head (V.2)
ID: 13135

The world`s best-selling amplifier series is back with new features, a new look and all the flexibility you`ve come to expect from a Fender® Mustang. The new Fender® Mustang V.2 amplifier series raises the standard for modern guitar versatility and... more
Fender Pro Junior III All-Tube Combo
ID: 8841

The world`s most popular tube amps just got better! Fender® Hot Rod series amplifiers are found on every stage in the world, large and small, and are used by guitarists from all walks of life. Hot Rod amps deliver... more
Fender Super-Sonic 22 Combo in Black
ID: 12606

Super-Sonic™ amplifiers are the favorite tool of pro guitarists in many different musical genres who love to create glorious Fender® clean tones and expressive modern high-gain tones with one no-nonsense tube amp. The Super-Sonic 22 Combo delivers this versatility with... more
Hotone British Invasion 5W Class AB Guitar Amplifier Head
ID: 13317

British Invasion is a 5W Class AB guitar amplifier head.

It captures the main characteristics of the legendary AC30 at low volume.
Tweak the 3-band EQ, Volume and Gain knobs to recreate some authentic British Sound in your living room!

-Sound inspired by... more
Kustom **SALE** Defender V5 Tube Amplifier, Reg $249.95
ID: 10860

The Defender™ V5 is an EL-84 powered, 5-watt tube combo with an 8" Kustom designed speaker, great tones, and a simple, linear tube circuit. In addition to the Volume and Tone controls, it features three speaker jacks for 4, 8... more
Marshall Carbon Fiber Series MG15CF Combo
ID: 13241

The MG15CF is a no frills, 15 Watt, 1 x 8" combo, and although small in stature, it`s big on sound, packing a powerful Marshall punch that will knock out bigger competitors with ease, it`s enough to practice with, yet loud... more
Marshall Carbon Fiber Series MG30CFX Combo
ID: 13044

The MG30CFX combines Marshall`s famous solid-state tonal circuitry with modern digital FX. Choose from Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Delay (tap-tempo) and Octave (fixed).

There are four channels, Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2, which when in manual mode operate like any normal... more
Marshall Code25 Modelling Amplifier
ID: 12520

Fully programmable, CODE combines authentic modelling of classic and contemporary Marshall tones with professional quality FX. CODE preamp, power amp and speaker cabinet models have been developed in collaboration with audio software pioneers Softube to create Marshall-Softube (MST) modelling, highly... more
Marshall DSL100H All-Tube 100-watt head
ID: 10268

From rehearsal room to live performance, the DSL100H all-valve head is truly versatile. With its classic and ultra gain channels, it can take you from brilliant cleans to high-gain shred, and all places in-between. It`s based on the massively... more
Marshall DSL15C 15-Watt All-Tube Guitar Amplifier
ID: 13161


The DSL15C is an all-valve 15 Watt combo that delivers on tone. Powered by two 6V6 power valves and three ECC83s in the preamp, the DSL15C`s guts are as serious as its big brother, the DSL100H.

With footswitchable Classic/Ultra Gain channels,... more
Marshall JVM210H 100-Watt All-Tube Amplifier Head
ID: 10383

The British-built 100 Watt JVM210H head offers a more straightforward two channel preamp, Clean/Crunch and Overdrive, than the JVM410H`s four channels, for guitarists who prefer a more stripped down, `fewer frills` approach. The two independent channels both have three modes.... more
Marshall PEDL-10048 6-Way Footswitch for JMD-1 Amplifiers *Demo*
ID: 13337

Included accessories: box only ... more
Marshall PEDL-90010 Crunch/Overdrive 2-Button Footswitch Pedal for FX Models
ID: 13336

The Marshall MG4 crunch and overdrive selector is the footswitch to match Marshalls`s MG series. It will function perfectly with all FX models so all you have to do is plug in and play. It`s sleek look will fit... more
Marshall PEDL-91009 4-way Footswitch for Code Amplifiers
ID: 13320

Get the most out of your Marshall Code combo or stack with this official footswitch.

The PEDL-91009`s first three switches let you instantly recall your favorite presets - something that fans of the TSL`s clean/crunch/lead footswitch layout will take to... more
Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 50W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
ID: 13458


Players have come to expect a great clean sound in every Mesa Boogie amp, and the Stiletto Ace delivers in spades. Cleans like you`ve never heard before from an EL34 amp. Chiming transparent clarity riding atop warm breathing lows,... more
Orange FS-1 Single-Button Footswitch
ID: 13319


The Orange FS-1 Footswitch is ruggedly built and connects to your amplifier via any standard instrument cable (not included).

Compatible with:
-Crush 20, Crush 20RT & Crush 35RT (Channel)
-Crush Pro Series (Channel or Reverb)
-TH30 &... more
Orange TH100 All-Tube Amplifier Head
ID: 8858

The Orange TH100 is an incredibly versatile amp packed full of face-melting rock and metal tones, but capable of cleaning up to a sparkly chime. Those who hear it reminisce about the now infamous Orange AD140, an amp considered by... more
Orange TH30 All-Tube Amplifier Head
ID: 8859

Orange`s newest guitar amp head is both the cleanest and the highest gain amp Orange has ever made. Go from sparkling Fender-like tones to metal and beyond with the twist of only 3 knobs per channel.

The TH30`s Clean Channel features... more
Orange Tiny Terror 15-Watt Tube Amplifier Head
ID: 10632

Often imitated, but never equalled, the iconic Tiny Terror quite literally turned the guitar world upside down upon its launch. Heralded by Guitarist Magazine as `the most important guitar product in the last 30 years`, Tiny Terror ownership now stretches... more
Peavey Delta Blues 115 Tweed Tube Guitar Combo
ID: 13260


Classic style, classic tone and modern versatility. If the blues is your way of life, this is your amp. 30 classic all-tube watts are way louder than solid state and modern flexibility comes from a tremolo with speed and... more
Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier
ID: 12968

Legendary Stereo Tone, Modern Innovation

The JC-40 Jazz Chorus delivers Roland`s renowned `JC clean` tone and signature stereo chorus effect in a compact combo amp with evolved features for the modern guitarist. Like the flagship JC-120 amp that it`s based on,... more
Roland MICRO CUBE GX Guitar Amplifier
ID: 13136

A top-seller worldwide for nearly 10 years running, the MICRO CUBE is the most popular battery-powered amp of all time. The new MICRO CUBE GX retains the tiny size and huge sound of its legendary predecessor while adding many great... more
Vox AC10C1 Custom 1x10" All-Tube Guitar Amplifier
ID: 12502

The AC10 was one of the first amplifiers to bear the VOX name and has long been adored for his ability to achieve rich, articulate tube tone at very manageable volumes. For this reason, the AC10 has become a highly... more
Vox AC15C1 All-Tube Combo
ID: 11036

The VOX AC15 is the amp that started it all. Boasting both a Normal and Top Boost channel, the AC15 Custom is an all-tube, EL84 driven workhorse that delivers 15 watts of authentic British tone into a genuine Celestion Greenback... more
Vox AC30C2 All-Tube Combo
ID: 10390

VOX Custom Series amps offer two channels: Normal and Top-Boost. Each channel is equipped with its own Volume control, and the Top Boost channel offers highly interactive Treble and Bass tone controls. This powerful channel pairing provides an abundance... more
Vox AC4TV-4 Watt Tube Combo
ID: 12701

Say hello to a familiar face: the new VOX AC4TV.
Way back in 1961, VOX rolled out the AC4 amplifier. Nearly fifty years later, VOX is pleased to announce the AC4TV, the all-tube practice amp with remarkable self control. ... more
Vox Analog Valve Series AV15 Combo
ID: 12053

Designed for use at home or in the studio, the AV15 is a fully-featured analog amp that packs decades worth of tones into a compact package. The AV15`s tube-based, multi-circuit analog pre-amp provides a full complement of clean, crunch, overdrive,... more
Vox Analog Valve Series AV30 Combo
ID: 12168

VOX`s AV30 uses a pair of 12AX7 tubes and a unique analog circuit design to deliver robust guitar tones reminiscent of the most coveted amplifiers of all time.

*30 Watts of power through a custom VOX 10` speaker
*True analog circuit... more
Vox MV50 Clean Head
ID: 13462

Designed with an emphasis on analog, VOX`s MV50 combines classic amplifier design with new and innovative production techniques to produce a miniature amplifier with truly monstrous sound. Boasting an incredible 50 watts of power, this one-pound package serves up serious... more
Vox Night Train NT50HG2 All-Tube Amplifier Head
ID: 10384

Distinctive within the VOX amp lineup for its metallic mirror-finish exterior, the Night Train series provides an easy way to enjoy VOX`s traditional full-tube sound even in small private spaces, and now it`s been powered-up in a big way. The... more
Vox Soundbox Mini in Ivory
ID: 10514

More than just a guitar amp, the SOUNBOX Mini from VOX was designed to accommodate multiple instruments including bass, acoustic guitar, keyboard, vocals, and more! By utilizing Korg`s proprietary Acoustage technology, SOUNDBOX Mini is also a hi-fi stereo music playback... more
Vox VFS-2 Footswitch
ID: 11482

VOX dual footswitch with for Custom Series, Valve Reactor Series, and Night Train Series amplifiers.

*Hi-quality, durable all-metal construction
*Includes stereo cable for connecting to amplifier
*Allows instant access to Reverb, Tremolo, and/or Channel Switching ... more
Vox VFS-5 Foot Switch
ID: 13278

By using the optional VFS5 foot switch you can switch programs, turn reverb or other effects on/off, or make speed/tap settings using your foot. This is a great advantage when you`re creating sounds or performing live. The VFS5 employs... more